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The Nursing service in Labaid Hospital provides wide-ranging, personalized nursing care to patients as per requirements of patients. Nurses are taken as assets of this department and are highly trained with experience and relevant education. Nurses are given regular professional training so that they are upto date with modern nursing practices and methodology. The nursing service emphasizes on quality and patient care to its level best. Nursing Services believes that a dynamic and innovative environment enhances the professional competency of the nursing staff. We value the team environment through concerted efforts and individual skills, and the contribution of our nurses in maintaining excellence in quality nursing care.

Amongst the endless duties of our nurses the following services are provided:

  • After admitting a patient their dress is changed and patient is welcomed to the cabin.
  • Patients are told about the facilities of the cabin or ward respectively. For instance patients are told about using the calling bell system.
  • In the morning sponging is done with mouthcare and is made fresh before giving food to the patient.
  • Food is given by nurse and medication also given as per doctor’s advice. Any investigations given by doctors are handled by nurse and sent to the relevant department.   
  • Patients are kept mobilized by nurses by walking with the patients. Patients are given assurance in using all facilities.
  • A 1 to 1 care is given by nurse in CCU and ICU. Stepdown is given 2 patients to 1 nurse care and Highcare is given 3 patients to 1 nurse.
  • The more serious patients and changed position and feeding is given to patients who are on the feeding tube.  Also special mouthcare and backcare is given to serious patients.
  • In OT and CathLab nurses make accessories available for the doctor which includes:        
    1. Confirming the OT
    2. Make OT Trolley ready
    3. Goes to assist with the doctor

After OT is complete the nurse check equipment and autoclub is done.

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