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Details of Neuromedicine

The Labaid Neurology and Stroke Clinic offer complete consultative services, diagnostic testing and treatment for a wide spectrum of neurological conditions, including diseases of the brain, spinal cord, peripheral nerves and muscles. Labaid Hospital is the leading hospital in the country to provide advanced and complete Neurology & Neurosurgery facilities within the department. The Neurology Department has experienced American Board Certified Neurologist. The department uses the latest technology and facilities, and is staffed by an experienced team of neurologists, nurses and technologists, who are devoted to patient care.

Labaid Neurology department has the following facilities:

1. Outpatient clinic for all neurological diseases.          

2. Inpatient services with 24 hours hospital admission for all types of acute and chronic neurological problems, specially for acute stroke and acute neurological Problems.

3. Investigation facilities for all types of common neurological diseases:         
a. Plain Radiology         
b. Neuroimaging facilities: CT scans MRI, MRA, NRV etc.    
c. All biochemical and immunological investigations.   
d. EEG and evoked potentials. 
e. Nerve conduction studies, EMG and if necessary muscle and nerve biopsy.           
f. Color Doppler study of neck arteries.
g. Cerebral angiography and possible stenting of the cerebral arteries.
h. All other neurology and Medicine related investigations.

4. Physiotherapy and rehabilitation of all stroke and Neurological diseases.

NB: Please note that, if stroke is identified and confirmed early, immediate and proper treatment can cure or minimize the post stroke disability. 

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