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Details of Pediatric and Neonatology

The birth of a child is the happiest moment in any family. But if the child is born unwell or sick then it brings severely bitter experience to a family. Labaid hospital’s Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) is a very delicate and sensitive part of Labaid hospital where new born babies are treated for life threatening illness. Neonates are cared in a 1:1 basis nursing and are monitored and trained by specialized NICU doctors.    

Function of NICU    

Within minutes of a baby being born it can be told straightaway of how sick or well the baby is. Especially problem within the heart and or lungs can present a very risky life threatening situation for the baby. Looking after the overall health of these babies is the primary function of the NICU. Needless to say it is only possible in the NICU to provide oxygen and Artificial Life Support to babies with lung and or heart problems. Other than that various other treatement are given to newborns which are essentially the function of NICU.

 Treatments in the NICU

The following treatments are provided by the NICU:

  • Oxygen therapy
  • Incubator support
  • Intubation
  • Ventillator support
  • 24-hr monitoring of heart and lung functions
  • Advanced testing facilities of internal organs monitoring
  • Modern Laboratory facilities  
  • Consultation provided by experienced heart experts for babies with any problem with the heart
  • Modern facilities to test for heart problems
  • Advanced phototherapy machine
  • Exchange transfusion (i.e. Change of blood entirely)

The NICU of Labaid Hospital has the above treatments and is a fully independent in providing the treatments with most modern amenities. The NICU especially provides care for sick babies and mums who need care with the combined efforts of child specialists and Gynocologists. The team at Labaid NICU has overseas trained consultants who run the unit along with professionally trained nurses who maintain the quality of treatment within the NICU.

NICU : 01713 142 986
01713 091 940

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