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Dialysis is essentially used for patients with stopped kidney function as a method of renal replacement therapy and as an artificial replacement for lost kidney function due to renal failure. Dialysis may be used for sick patients with acute renal failure or for patients with stage 5 chronic kidney disease. For patients with stage 5, the decline in kidney function occurs over a period of time until a level is reached at which treatment is essential. Kidney transplant is the best option but not all patients can manage a transplant due to many reasons like short supply of donor kidneys. So many rely on dialysis to replace water and waste although dialysis cannot emulate the exact function of healthy kidneys.

Labaid performs 24-hr emergency dialysis with state of the art hemodialysis machines. It provides dialysis for both inpatients and outpatients. Regular patients are done on a schedule basis like weekly 2 or 3 times as required. Machines are used for dialysis of patients at their bed side, and also patients are checked for infectious diseases like Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C and others for different dialysis services. Supervision and consultation is taken from different nephrologists and preparation is done before dialysis like HBSAG, Anti HCV, Serum Creatinine, CBC and blood urea.    

Our phone number to the dialysis center is 01766660999.

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