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Details of Blood Bank

Blood Bank

Blood bank at Labaid Hospital collects, processes and stores blood taken from donors and used as and when necessary. The process begins with sample taken from patient and brought to blood bank with a form of what is to be done. Then donor comes in who is selected whether they can give or not. The donor is selected based on screening test, crossmatching and bloodgrouping. If cross match comes compatible then donor is granted. Once donor is granted blood is collected in the bag and then whatever is required is given. Blood is also supplied through issue slips / registers both for inpatient and outpatient. The following is done in the blood bank:

  • Platelet separation – Test and collection of blood by Apheresis method. The Haemontics machine seperates platelets.
  •  Whole Blood / Fresh Frozen Plasma (FFP)
  • Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)
  • Packed Red Cell (RCC)      
  • General Platelet Random

The Labaid blood bank is committed to keeping pace with the demands of providing 24-hour service by cutting-edge technology, and maintains quality in every step. Temperature of preserved blood and blood component is strictly maintained in each step.

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