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Skin is an important part of the human body it protects the body by acting as a wall to the inner body. Since the skin is not only a covering to the inner body as such it is subject to many diseases. Everyone has had more or less skin problems and the Skin and VD department of Labaid Hospital contains doctors who deal with such problems. Labaid hospital has comprehensive diagnosis and treatments for diseases of the skin, hair and nails and also sexually transmitted diseases. The primary function of the Skin and VD department of Labaid is to provide high quality care to patients with skin problems which may include skin cancers, psoriasis and atopic dermatitis aswell as skin related diseases from other organ systems and venereal diseases.

  • All kinds of people are affected by skin problems including kids, teenagers, adults and the elderly.
  • The skin consultants and doctors use various sort of healing tools from antibiotic to scalpel. Most often it is seen that the skin consultant perform more minor surgeries than a surgeon.
  • As soon as any symptoms of skin problems arise one should see the skin doctor.
  • An early diagnosis, quick cure and good management of skin problems are economical and less suffering.

A range of treatments are provided for skin and venereal conditions which include the following:   

  • Different chemical peels for skin Lightning, Tightening, Acne scars, Acne and Melasma.
  • Dermalloer for Acne scars and stretch marks.
  • Electrosurgery for Freckles, DPN, Seb. Keratosis, skin tags etc.

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