Selection Process

Labaid reviews resumes and cover letters with a goal of finding exceptional people to become members of our company. But a resume, professional experience, and academic record don't tell us the most important things about you. We want to know how you think, what your passions are, and what it will be like to work on a team with you.

Labaid uses interviews to learn more about your personality, your interests, your goals, and what stimulates you intellectually. The interview process will give us an opportunity to see if you fit in with the intellectual climate at Labaid and will give us a better sense of how your mind breaks down complex tasks. The series of interviews allows us to gauge your ability to deal with uncertainty and react to changing circumstances. Labaid is a community, and as such we carefully evaluate potential employees to see if they can become close knit members of the Labaid family.

The Interview

Labaid conducts a series of interviews to fully determine that best fit for candidates, so do not be daunted if several interviews are requested. Following a thorough review of your resume, the first interview is typically conducted by phone, unless you are taking part in an on-campus interview. A second phone interview may be required. Interviews are intensive and are designed to gauge your fit with the Labaid teams. Questions will be intellectually probing and will cover a range of material in order to see your problem solving skills and quantitative thinking.

How to Prepare for Your Interview

To be fully prepared for your Labaid interview, you should know every inch of your resume inside and out and be able to comfortably talk about it. Come prepared with any questions you still have after your initial interviews, and ask any questions that come up at any stage of the interview. The Labaid team prizes inquisitive thought, so don't hold back! Labaid is a close-knit family, and as such interviews tend to run quite long and could take a more conversational approach – don't be intimidated. You should also be able answer the question, "Why Labaid?" – we want to hire those who are inspired by our company. Please bring any information that has been requested to your interview, including your presentation (typically PowerPoint) on a laptop or thumb drive, extra copies of your resume, and a positive attitude.

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