Our History

Labaid is the trend setter in business sector in Bangladesh. Today Labaid is one of the leading group of companies in the country which includes business of health care, pharmaceuticals, financial, education, agros etc. However the core of Labaid group lies in health care services. 20-25 years back there was no comprehensive treatment facilities in the country. It was very difficult to have the diagnosis for a distressed patient from a remote area in Bangladesh.For a minor investigation a patient from a remote area had to stay Dhaka for several days and wander at different places for different tests.

The lack of quality treatment and the sufferings of the patients inspired the visionary leader Dr A M Shamim to set a new trend in treatment for Bangladeshi patients. As a result Labaid diagnostic was established with the belief that a cure is the result of an accurate diagnosis. At that time there was not much option for cardiac treatment except going to neighboring countries. Labaid Cardiac Hospital unfolded a new horizon of cardiac treatment for Bangladeshi patients.

A need for a specialized treatment was also there. Considering this need Labaid established Labaid specialized hospital which was another breakthrough in the health care sector of Bangladesh. Having a phenomenal growth Labaid diversified its business to different sector like education, financial, agros, real estate etc. Recently Labaid has entered in pharmaceutical industry with an aim to provide unparallel quality products at an affordable price.

Our Vision

Excellence through innovation is the central concept of our vision. Together with the concept customer satisfaction with persistent relationship is the DNA of our corporate culture. This vision helps us to find the driving way. In a competitive and fast changing world, the business dynamics are constantly changing. Today only innovation can bring excellence and add value to products and services that can satisfy our customers.

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