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Details of Gastroenterology

Our Range of Services

1. Diseases of the Oesophagus

  • Variceal bleeding
  • Benign and malignant strictures
  • Removal of foreign body
  • Achalasia Cardia

2. Diseases of the Stomach and Duodenum

  • Ulcers
  • Cancer / Tumours
  • Fundal varices

3. Diseases of the Colon

  • Inflammatory Bowel Disease
  • Diverticulosis & Cancer
  • Tuberculosis

4. Diseases of the Small Intestine

  • Malabsorption syndrome
  • Tuberculosis
  • Diverticulosis & Obscure Bleeding

5. Diseases of the Liver

  • Acute Hepatitis
  • Chronic Hepatitis
  • Cirrhosis
  • Liver cancer
  • Amoebic abscess
  • Hydatid cyst of liver

6. Diseases of the Biliary system

  • Stone diseases
  • Cancer of the gall bladder and biliary tree

7. Diseases of the Pancreas

  • Acute Pancreatitis
  • Chronic Pancreatitis
  • Cancer of the pancreas
  • Pancreatic pseudo-cyst


Clinical Services:

  • Out-patient department
  • Gastro-Liver Counseling Centre
  • Endoscopy Suite
  • Gastroenterology Laboratory
  • In-patient department
  • Liver Failure Unit


Consultants are available form 8 am to 8 pm to attend patients


  • IBS Clinic
  • Hepatitis Clinic
  • Jaundice Clinic
  • Liver Cancer Clinic
  • Peptic ulcer Clinic
  • Rectal Problem Clinic


Gastrointestinal Endoscopy Procedures:

1. Diagnostic

  • Oesophago-gastro-duodenoscopy
  • Colonoscopy
  • ERCP

2. Therapeutic

  • For Variceal Bleeding
    • Endoscopic Variceal ligation
    • Endoscopic Sclerotherapy
    • Endoscopic glue injection
    • Endoscopic electro coagulation
  • Oesophagus
    • Dilatation
      • Savory Gillard dilatation
      • Achalasia Balloon dilatation
  • Stenting
    • Self-expanding metallic stent
  • Stomach
    • Polypectomy
    • Endoscopic electro coagulation for bleeding
    • Pyloric dilatation
  • Common Bile Duct
    • Strictures Dilatation
    • Nasobiliary drainage
    • Brush Cytology
    • Rubber/Metallic Stent
    • Stone Removal
    • Basket/balloon Lithotripsy
  • Pancreatic Duct
    • Stenting
    • Stone Removal
  • Duodenum - Stenting
  • Colon and rectum
    • Polypectomy
    • APC (to be started soon)
    • Banding


To be started soon with facilities for Hydrogen breath test,
Oesophageal manometry and pH measurement.

Economy beds and luxury cabins of LSH are used.
Specially trained nurses and doctors are available for patients.

To be established soon for intensive care of patients
with liver failure.


Patients pay Taka 500 for life-time membership. A membership card with necessary data is issued.
For each subsequent visit the patient pays Taka 300 only.


Benefits of membership:


  • Treatment for on-going illness
  • Discussion with other patients about the problems and solutions related to the illness
  • Scientific discussion regarding the pathophysiology and management of the illness
  • Booklets containing health information relevant to the illness
  • Discount on investigation cost from Labaid
  • Discount on annual health check-up package
  • Discount on consultation fee by other specialists of Labaid Specialized Hospital

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