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True to its creed of creative diversity, Labaid has established Labaid Agros in Ashulia and Maona, some fifteen and twenty five miles respectively, away from Dhaka city. Besides generating employment opportunities for a couple of hundreds of people, Labaid Agros cater to need of milk, meat, fish, vegetable and fresh food to the patients of Labaid Hospitals

Projects encompassed in Labaid Agros are:
  • Dairy project : Provides 70,000-80,000 litre of milk yearly.
  • Poultry project : Provides 5-5.5 lac eggs, 30-40 tons of local chicken Et 70- 80 tons of broiler chicken yearly.
  • Fishery project : Provides 18-20 tons of fresh water fish yearly.
  • Vegetable and Flowers project : Provides fresh vegetables like papya, bananas and flowers including orchid and rose.
These products are mostly meant for our own consumption.
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Mawna Project:Singerdigi Mauna Sripur Project.
Mobile: +88 01766662874 .
Ashulia Project:Katgora Bazar.
Boro Rangamatia, Savar.
Mobile: +88 01766662877
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