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Mirror Financial Management Ltd is a private limited company incorporated and registered under the Companies Act (Act XVIII) of 1994 on the 23rd day of July, 2006. The company’s Authorised Capital is Tk. 30,00,00,000 (Taka Thirty Crore Only) divided into 30,00,000 ordinary shares of Tk. 100 each while the paid-up Capital of the company is Tk. 9,90,00,000 (Taka Nine Crore Ninety Lac Only) divided into 9,90,000 ordinary shares of Tk. 100 each.

The company has commenced its operational activities on the 27th of November 2006. It has got a wide range of brokerage services, which include BO Account opening, Demat, Remat etc. The company has got both Broker and Dealer license to operate and ensure related services. It is a Full service DP (Depository Participant).

Of late, the company has been reconstituted with inclusion of three new directors replacing old directors. The fact is that LabAid has acquired 100% shares of Mirror Financial Management Ltd. 100% acquisition was completed on Oct 18, 2009 and final payment was made on the same day.

The company has got Thirteen Authorized Representatives to operate TWS. In all, it has got Thirty employees as of June 30,2012. The Chief Executive Officer oversees the overall operational activities of the company. Mr. Md. Rezaul Alam is the CEO of the company who has got more than seventeen years experience in the business and operational activities of the capital market. He has been serving the company since inception and is chosen by the new management to run the business under his able operational efficiency. The total turnover of the company during the month of July, 2011 stands at Tk.196 crore (averaging Tk.10 crore approximately per day) while the gross brokerage was tk.77.28 lac. The net Capital Balance of the company stands at Tk.30.89 crore as on 31st July, 2011. The management of the company gives due importance to the capital market operation as has been the case in national economy. Capital Market has become a major contributor in the national economy now a days.

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